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"...ABA treatment is the most successful approach for children with autism...and in some cases, can eliminate almost all symptoms."

Behavior Analysis: An Overview | Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, BACB® (2018)

Center-based Program

Aura offers full-day play-based ABA programs for pre-school aged children 2-5 years old. Our clinicians provide individualized treatment to clients in our center located in Sacramento, CA.

Aura's center allows for clients to learn skills in a social setting with their peers as well as through 1:1 therapy. Each client's treatment hours will vary as treatment recommendations are based on medical necessity. 

Comprehensive ABA treatment is typically recommended for clients ages 2-5 years old to bridge the gap between their chronological age and functional age. This type of treatment model generally requires an intensive approach to treatment with a clinical recommendation ranging between 25-40 hours per week. Multiple affected developmental domains as well as challenging behaviors are targeted.

Example Center Program Schedule

9:00 am
Drop Off and Group Play
9:45 am
Circle Time & Socialization
10:15 am
Small Group Play & Therapy
10:45 am
Snack Time
11:00 am
Individual Therapy
12:30 pm
1:00 pm
Individual Play & Therapy
1:45 pm
Indoor Playground Time
2:30 pm
Art and Music
3:30 pm
Circle Time
4:00 pm
Art and Music
4:45 pm
Therapy Notes
5:00 pm

center-based services


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Focused ABA is individualized to each client and promotes functional skills while targeting behavioral problems that may affect the client’s health, safety, and overall functioning. This type of treatment model is typically recommended for clients above the age of 6.


Treatment is provided directly to the client with intensity typically ranging between 10 to 25 hours per week.

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Social Skills Groups promote social interaction between a group of clients to meet individual goals related to socialization. The program is overseen by a team of supervisors, including a BCBA, and allows for our clients to access and establish relationships with peers.

Social Skills Coaching provides 1 on 1 direction and guidance on learning social skills both in isolated learning environments and in the learner's natural environment.


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Parent/Caregiver Training is an integral part of a client’s treatment plan. This less intensive training model provides parents/caregivers the tools they need to promote ongoing behavioral support to their children.


Aura may provide Parent/Caregiver training in individual or group format to either supplement a client’s treatment plan or in isolation. Parent/Caregiver training is a key component to our treatment plan.

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"Behavior, unlike the flower, does not naturally bloom."

Baer & Wolf (1970)

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